Happy Friday to all of you out there! This week has been full of ups and downs and I am so happy to finally have some down time to decompress. Blogging, creating, and (sometimes) designing, can be a stress reliever for me.

So many of my materials are fully designed pieces that have hundreds of copies, making it close to impossible for me to create every piece by hand. So, needless to say, I jump at the chance to create those handmade pieces that come along. When Anne came to me with her request of materials for an upcoming bachelorette party she was throwing, we decided there must be a banner included. 

Below is the banner I created for Rachael's bachelorette party. I previously designed and printed the bachelorette invitations and envelopes for the upcoming party, and Anne wanted to carry the "Lucky in Love" theme over with the banner and other materials. I hand cut, and hand assembled the banner with some heavy twine to hold it, as well as some fun shamrock ribbon and raffia to keep with the theme. Anne hung the banner in the Chicago hotel room for the Bachelorette Weekend, which tied in with all of the other materials created for the day (coming to the blog soon). So glad Design Velocipede was able to bring some handmade goodness to Rachael's Bachelorette party!