I know it has been a bit longer than I planned in between posts...but, I have been fighting off a cold and am finally feeling a little bit better. I thought with it being March, that I should post something a bit festive!

Below, is an invitation and envelope package I created for a bachelorette weekend taking place in Chicago. For over forty years, the city of Chicago has died the river green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. As matron of honor, Anne wanted to create an invite that had the Chicago skyline, but also included the iconic green river. I created a quick logo for the whole celebration that we have been able to tie in, throughout the entire event. "Lucky in Love" has become the theme for the weekend, and the logo shows up on the back of the invitation, as well as the back of the envelopes. 

Along with these invitations, I also created an eBlast template, and an entire box of goodies, which were just shipped out to Anne. I cannot wait to share the rest of the surprises, and I am so excited to see how the girls react to all of the additional pieces that will be in Chicago with them!