Finally mostly-settled in our new home! I still have one more box to unpack and a few things to organize, but I was at least ready to get a post up.

This one has been a long time in the making, as the event was over St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. If you follow this blog, you would have seen a couple of the items from this event in the past; the invitations and the banner were both a part of this "Lucky In Love" bachelorette party. 

I sent a box of goodies to Anne, who had requested a few pieces for the party she was throwing. These buttons were not originally part of her plan; but I convinced her that each of the girls would love to walk away with a little keepsake from the weekend.

Anne came up with several different Irish-themed phrases, which I was able to design over several different buttons. Each attendee got two different quotes, and the bride got a special set herself. I did not create these on my own; I have to thank Nathalie Grepe from Blend Buttons who was able to take the designs and get these buttons produced for me!