I have quite a backlog of things I need to post, and think I will start here! Much of my time in 2012 was dedicated to creating materials for the WhitBury wedding, which was this past December. There were so many pieces that came together for this event and I will eventually post them all, but I will start with the materials I created for the Whitbury Rehearsal Dinner. I was contacted by family of the groom to create the invitations, name cards, and table numbers for the rehearsal dinner. 

I drew a knife and fork, and used it as a sort of additional logo for this event, which found its way on the back of the invitations, and on every name card. The bride and groom's name cards were personalized, and were slightly different than the rest of the attendees. This was such a fun event to design for, and I felt privileged that the family personally reached out to me to carry the wedding theme over to the rehearsal dinner. I still have so, so many things to post from the WhitBury wedding, so stay tuned!