Hi and hello there! I have been away with both traveling and being sick, and have neglected posting on the blog. I am still getting over this crummy cold (seriously, how have I been so sick this year?!), and just wanted to remember what it was like to taste food and enjoy a couple of adult beverages. I will reminisce back to when Jon and I decided to throw a dinner party for my birthday - yes, we are very old and mature now throwing dinner parties for people. We decided to invite everyone over for appetizers, cocktails, dinner, and a night on the town. I sent out an e-blast for our group of friends, which was full of inside jokes...and since I just can't help myself, of course it was branded for a party. A few of our friends live up in the LA area, we knew it was a bit of a production for them to come down. So, to thank them, I designed some customized thank you cards that matched the invitations and sent them out a few weeks after the party. It was a blast and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my 27th any other way.