Happy Thursday to everyone out there! Thought I would post a portion of a present I created for my dear friend, Etani. After her engagement, I really didn't know what to gift her, so I decided to make her an engagement package (more to come later)! There were several handmade things in it; one of which were buttons for all of her bridesmaids to wear at her bachelorette party. 

Etani had just started planning when I was creating these, and had only really decided on a neutral palette. She sent me some photos as inspiration, and I created the buttons below. I personally designed them, and sent them over to Nathalie at Blend Buttons to create (check out her page, she has some awesome buttons she has designed herself). After getting them back, I mounted them all on Design Velocipede-branded paper so each bridesmaid (and bride!) could have their own personal set. Go team bride!