This past Christmas we were lucky enough to spend the holiday with our lovely fam in the UK. Part of visiting over Christmas-time is trying to figure out what to get everyone.

My sister-in-law had gotten some generic “Mummy Cards” from a website awhile back, to hand out when meeting new friends. I saw them and thought, it might be fun to surprise her with some new ones for Christmas! So after finding out what colors she likes, I went to work and designed her something I thought represented her. We wrapped them up, and on Christmas when she opened them she excitedly said, “You pimped my mummy cards!!” I couldn’t have asked for a better compliment. :)

Sian and her family had moved right before Christmas, and the kids are getting settled in a new school with new friends. What better time to have a new set of mummy cards to hand out?! Hope she has fun handing them out. Missing you, and the rest of the Bonds, sis!