Welcome back, welcome back.

We are finally back in the U.S. and feeling all the feels. Missing family so much and wishing we didn't live a country and an ocean away from everyone. With that said, we certainly won't be taking another three years in between trips to see everyone again. So we're officially back! Feeling refreshed and recharged, and ready to explore the pent-up creativity and inspiration gathered on our travels. 

For our first post back, I wanted to share a project I worked on last year. As you may or may not know, we had a crazy journey to baby, and a NICU stay for our son. During our NICU stay, we were introduced to the nonprofit Miracle Babies and I’ve pretty much been their biggest fan-girl ever since.

A quick introduction to Miracle Babies if you have never heard of them: their mission is to unite families with their sick newborns through financial assistance and supportive services, and to reduce pregnancy complications through prevention, education, and research. I’m sure I’ve said many times that they made a profound impact on our family during our NICU stay. They supported us with a donation to our family, but they also offered their emotional and physical care through their staff and supporters during that time as well. After we went home as a family, I felt a deep need to give back.

An opportunity to donate came up shortly after we came home from the hospital with Sebastian. Miracle Babies hosts a Gala every year, where they raise funds to support families just like ours, and I offered up a donation of my design services for their invitation suite. The theme and logo had already been approved by the Gala Team (Once Upon a Time), and the outer laser-cut gate fold had been pre-purchased by a team-member as well. I was lucky enough to work closely with the Miracle Babies team to design all of the interior pieces for this suite.


I took the theme, and some inspiring images the Gala Team provided, and ran with it. The first page underneath the laser-cut gate fold: an enchanted tree printed on a shimmery, metallic stock. The back of each piece had a bespoke, painted background I digitally created, which then had the Miracle Babies logo centered on top. The rest of the invitation suite rested underneath the tree image: a RSVP with corresponding envelope, and a double-sided invitation card.


At the last minute, Jonathan and I found out there was an extra space for us to attend! I sure did feel like Cinderella getting all dolled up for a ball. I wore the maternity gown I had purchased for my baby shower (a baby shower that never happened since I was confined to a hospital bed for 40+ days before giving birth) which had been sitting in my closet gathering dust. It definitely didn’t fit… as I wasn’t pregnant, but I managed to impart some fairy-god-mother magic on it to work for one night only! Jonathan rented a tux, and we called in the grandparents for a babysitting gig.

It was an incredible evening, and the first Gala we ever attended. I am also thrilled to announce that I have donated my design services for the 2017 Miracle Babies Gala as well, and recently finished the design portion for the pieces for that event. We are lucky enough to have been invited again this year, and both of us are ‘over the moon’ with excitement on attending. :)


I’ll be sure to share photos from the upcoming gala, as well as the invitation suite... and hopefully it won’t take me a year to get it up on the blog. If you are interested in attending or becoming a donor, be sure to visit the Gala Website to RSVP, or submit a donation. We would love to see you there, and would love any support for such a just and wonderful cause!