First blog post on the new website...and it's Friday...and it's raining...and my in-laws are here! Today couldn't get much better! Did I mention I'm also eating a donut (which has bits of coconuts on it) from our neighborhood donut shoppe, and I'm drinking a Starbucks? 

I suppose the one thing that isn't great today, is that my lovely in-laws are heading back to their homeland tonight, a long 12 hour flight back to beautiful England. Jonathan and I will be sad, so sad, that they are gone. So I think the best option for me, is to throw myself back into my work in the hopes that busyness will stop me from being sad that they have left.

So. Busyness is bloggin'. And here is a blog post that has been on my mind for awhile now. I created these Save the Dates for Brittney and David awhile back, and thought today, with all of the flood warnings in San Diego, that a whale weathervane might just be the perfect blog post. :) 

I created this suite with some inspiration that Brittney had provided, along with the custom watercolor painting of the whale weathervane. Simple, classic, and unique, were what we went with! I also added a custom pattern, similar to sea pebbles, for the envelope liner. Enjoy these bespoke Save the Dates, and feel free to leave us a note in the comments!