These paintings have been in the works for over six months. When I first got hired at my current position, I remember telling some of my co-workers that I was working on these, and hoped to be done with them soon. Well after six long months of dragging my feet, and some much needed pressure from Jonathan, they are finally finished. 

I got the idea for these on one of my many trips to paper source. I found the large letters there and decided to make a set of paintings inspired by my love of cooking. Each painting has a piece of cutlery drawn at the top, as well as a recipe from someone who has inspired me to cook.

I didn't grow up cooking, and have learned only what I have picked up from family along the way. The first recipe is my Aunt Kris' poached salmon. Kris has always made fantastic food, and whenever I have a temperature or measurement question, she is always the first person I call. This specific recipe from my aunt, was the first recipe I ever made for a business dinner.

The next recipe is a variation on my Grandmother's chocolate chip cookies (I couldn't really give away her actual recipe, for whenever I end up selling these). My grandmother helped to cultivate my love of cooking, baking, and food, and I feel blessed whenever I cook up bacon in her old cast iron skillet.

The final recipe is my Mother-in-law's Sausage Rolls. I had to include a recipe from her, as I am constantly trying to recreate her wonderful homemade dishes. She doesn't really have recipes, so the sausage roll recipe is merely an interpretation. Although it took me so long to finish these, I am glad to say they are now hanging in our kitchen!