A long-awaited hello to all of my followers! Before my first post for 2013: a humongous apology for not keeping up to date with blogging! My full-time job has stolen me away from Design Velocipede for the past few months with some very, very long hours. Despite that, I have still been able to complete a hefty amount of freelance work. The good news? I will be steadily posting in 2013, and with lent starting tomorrow, consider this the start of 40 Days of Design. 

And for my first post in the new year - I present the annual Woolley Christmas card. I realize that this is our 2011 card, but I didn't get a chance to post it in December.

For those of you that don't know, Jonathan and I started our first Christmas with the tradition of a uniquely designed, family card. (You can view our first Christmas card here). We set the bar pretty high that year, so topping it in 2011 was going to be tough. We thought the obvious progression was to dress in onesies and use beautiful San Diego for our backdrop. The lighting was spectacular and we had so many great photos from the day, that I chose to include quite a few on the inside of the card. As always, we had a blast getting these together and were overwhelmed with the joyous feedback from our family and friends. Enjoy the card below, and stay tuned to see what we rolled out with for Christmas 2012!