It's that time of year again, where we don't have time for anything! How is it already half way through November? It feels like just yesterday that I was posting before my in-laws were in town, and now they have come and gone, and we are back to just the two of us in the Woolley-Maison.

When the Woolleys and Bonds were traveling abroad, they sent me some photos of some paintings they thought might bring me inspiration. I loved them and my goal was to have a canvas completed and waiting for them when they arrived. Surprise, surprise, I had barely started and was still putting paint on it the day they packed it in their suitcase. I have to say, I was thankful for my lack of preparedness. I woke up every morning and devoted some time to the piece and finally christened the new studio, while at the same time completing my first painting for 2013 (yes, I already went over the fact that it's already November). It was relaxing to spend time painting and I will say I have gotten a painting bug and have finally started another piece...which I have been promising Jon for over two years. Anyways, enjoy the teacups my friends, and especially my family, all the way across the pond.