It's been a rough couple of days in the Woolley house. Yesterday, my keyboard broke. I mean fully broke. I hadn't spilled anything on it, or dropkicked it; it just suddenly decided not to function properly. (In hindsight, it was probably a blessing. All I wanted to do yesterday was massively rant about all the terrible things that had happened at work, all of which seem completely irrelevant now.)

Now, there was a silver lining to my seemingly terrible day. One of my dearest friends from college gave birth to her first baby late last night. So, I wanted to offer an official welcome to Emmett Michael Terry! Both baby and mom are happy and healthy, and even though I can't be there to hug and cuddle both of them, I did want the world to know I was thinking about them.

I traveled up to the bay in May to personally deliver my gift for the baby shower. I drew a little giraffe holding onto a balloon for the jungle-themed nursery and gifted that, and a mommy-to-be pin, to Laurel on her day. Love you both, and welcome to the world, little Emmett!