As I prepare to launch our new website, I was thinking of all of the blog posts I had done. Usually those blog posts stay within the realm of what I create for my clients, or fine art I have worked on in my studio. For this one, I thought I would venture outside of that and share something I created, just for our family. 

It's not a surprise that Jonathan and I love to travel. The two of us started traveling together pretty much immediately after we started dating... our first date was a trip to Half Moon Bay, and three months later, I flew out to England to spend Christmas with Jonathan and his family. We went to Italy together after my study abroad, and since we have been married, we have traveled back to England a few times. 

Now that we have been married for almost five years, we finally decided to take a honeymoon last October. Both of us had been dying to get over to Thailand, so we booked tickets. Our trip was I N C R E D I B L E, to say the least. We had so much fun, saw so many incredible sights, and had some truly unforgettable experiences. I really wanted to find a way to document and share this with our friends and family... and have something that we could look back on years later to remember the trip.

I created our first travel video, and intend to keep up the tradition for further vacations and explorations. So, the Woolley Travel Channel on YouTube was born, and here I will share the first half of our Thailand story with you. Enjoy!