I feel like this always happens. Going in waves of blogging and long absences of, well… not… blogging. It’s not for lack of things to blog about. It's of course, due to lack of time. And even more of an obvious statement: I have even LESS time now I’m a new mom. (Yes, I know you all saw that one coming). And I am not complaining about that in the slightest! I love spending my time staring at the little bebé we created, and wish I could conjure more hours in the day to do so (and then a few additional hours to blog).

Speaking of our son, I have quickly realized that we take and exorbitant number of photos and videos to document his life. Recently, Jon and I found the “make movie” capability they have added into the new iOS on the iPhone. It truly is so awesome – just being able to have your phone make a movie of (what it thinks are) the best bits of each of your trips, the last few months, or some special event, in just a matter of seconds. The only issue: it invariably selects some dumb photo of a meme you forgot you had in your camera roll, or that sweet picture of the floor you forgot to delete.

So it got me thinking: I can make videos too! And unlike the iPhone, I can CHOOSE what videos and images get selected, what music it has, etc., etc. Which then got me thinking about all the home videos and movies I could, and definitely should, make for our family. With this, also came the realization that I actually already had two videos on my “to-do” list... which have been on my to-do list for (and this is no joke) two years. Insert quote from Jonathan about how I never finish anything here. 

Well, with this newfound motivation of making home movies of our son, I have finally gotten around to that movie-to-do list and finished the video of the second half of our Thailand trip. It was an incredible trip, so it's split into two separate videos. Below you'll find a link to Part One:

And finally, after almost exactly 2 years to the day of us going, I am sharing with the world, Part 2 of our journey to Thailand! Both of these live on my YouTube channel and I will continue to upload videos, as I create. Hopefully this channel will be full of our travels, and eventually, our son. Enjoy!

Woo Thai Thai Woo : Part Two