I've been feeling super overwhelmed lately. Like I have so much to do. Too. Much. To. Do. 

For example: find a nanny (insert shocked emoji face here). That one literally gives me a panic attack. Or the laundry list of items I need to finish to finally open The Noble Paperie online shop... Which was supposed to launch last November. Needless to say, we had other things going on in November... (more on that to come later)

And then I think about my biggest priority right now, which is my sweet, sleeping baby boy, and I try to ignore all of those things pressing at the back of my mind. I'm trying to stay present in these fleeting moments with him, because as so many Mums have told me, it all goes by far too quickly. 

One of the things on my ever-expanding-to-do list was to send out a birth announcement. Since I own a company that specializes in sending out invitations and announcements, it's something I really felt obligated to complete. I've thought long and hard about it, spoke with Jon, and both of us couldn't be bothered to send one out! I know, I know. It's crazy to think that we, the same family that spends countless hours on our Christmas cards, won't be sending out a physical birth announcement. 

It sounds ridiculous, as I'm basically saying no to my own design services, but with everything else we have going on right now, it just seems like one more thing I can eliminate, one thing I can do to actively simplify our lives. I also know we have some major hospital and NICU bills coming, and I think the money would be better served going to those bills instead of our birth announcement. So I'm sorry, family and friends! You won't be seeing a colorful envelope with a custom label, gorgeous envelope liner, and thick card stock with a lovely photo of our boy on it, arriving at your door from us. Instead, I'm posting a digital announcement here, where we can happily share it with everyone! 

Oh - and added bonus of a digital birth announcement? I can also shamelessly share a bunch of photos from that shoot without blowing up everyone's Instagram feed. So here you go, Internet. I hope you enjoy our sweet son as much as we do! 

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above." -James 1.17