After just two short years of The Noble Paperie being in business, I’m thrilled to announce we are launching our third set of Noble Greetings! If you had told me The Noble Paperie would grow into a little greeting card business after we launched our first set, I wouldn't have believed you. I created that first set of Noble Greetings because I felt a need to process the grief of our miscarriage through art and design (I talk about that more here), and I wanted to help other Miscarried Mamas along the way.

Since then, I’ve realized that the group of women we’re supporting is much larger than I had initially anticipated. This incredible group encompasses Miscarried Mamas, still-birth Mamas, pregnancy and infant-loss Mamas, Mamas walking through infertility, Mamas experiencing pregnancy issues, and even Mamas and families walking through a NICU journey. The point is, there are so many different types of women that desperately need a bit of hope and joy added to their lives. And I’m honored that The Noble Paperie can be a part of that.

These new Noble Greetings are also meant to appeal to that wider range of women. We are finally including a couple of birthday cards! (How we have survived without one of these thus far is nuts, and is a total testament to our customers) We’ve finally included a couple of Mother’s Day cards, parenting cards (inspired by daily conversations that happen at our home), and even a card or two for those walking through a season of infertility. And while these cards may not be as specific as some of our earlier launches, I promise they still hold our core values at heart: spreading joy to those struggling through miscarriage, infertility, and pregnancy-related issues.

So here they are, and I’m proud to share with you our next set of Noble Greetings:

Our “Happy Birthday, Beautiful Mama” Card

For our first birthday card, I wanted to design something whimsical, bright, and colorful. I wanted a card that exuded joy. And because Sebastian goes bonkers over balloons, it seemed like an obvious choice for accompanying artwork. After I finished the digital drawing of the balloons, they immediately reminded me of Mr. Fredrickson, and the balloons he attached to his home in the movie “Up”. What a fitting visual and inspiration for our first birthday card—out of all the movies, “Up” one with obvious undertones of miscarriage and infertility. I hope this card brings joy to all the beautiful Mamas out there.



Our “HBD” Card

If I had a dollar for every time I had to google an acronym from social media… well, let’s just say I would have a lot of dollars by now. Admittedly, this card was actually inspired by my Dad. Sometimes I will mention a general cultural reference, and he will ask what it means. After I explain, 100% of the time he rolls his eyes, shake his hands at me and says, “whatever”. To which I always respond by calling him an old fart. So, you best believe he will be getting one of these cards for his birthday. Send this to your friend who always slides into your “DMs” asking you what “SMH” or “BAE” means. (And yes. I googled both of those at one point in my life. Okay, recently. I googled them recently.)

Our “Is It Poo?” Card

How many times have I asked my husband this question in the past two years? Eleventy-billion times. This one goes out to all the parents out there wondering what that new stain is on the communal couch blanket. Spoiler alert, it might be poo!



Our “Be Brave” Card

Self-proclaimed Harry Potter fangirl here: I’ve read every book, seen each movie no less than a thousand times, and proudly rep house Hufflepuff. With powerful themes of death, resurrection, and hope, it seemed like the perfect place to draw inspiration. This quote from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince was one that really stuck with me the last time I watched the film. There is so much truth in the statement and I couldn’t believe how many times I had seen the film and missed this quote. Give this card to the ultimate Harry Potter Fan-Mom.

Our “Mamahood” Card

You know those Mother’s Day cards that all look the same and say the same things? You know the ones: they are pink with flowers on them... because apparently all mothers love pastel flowers on greeting cards. In typical Noble Greeting fashion, I wanted something that stood out from the rest. I wanted a greeting that celebrates a woman for rocking Motherhood. I went with a more neutral palette here because I'm sure some moms out there would appreciate less pink, and more earth tones. For the first-time Mama, the expectant-Mama, and the adopting Mama. Wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and let her know she’s totally rocking this whole Mom-thang.



Our “Always Celebrated on Mother's Day” Card

Oh, my heart. I have been wanting to create a version of this card for a long, long time. When I miscarried our first pregnancy, it was over Easter weekend and I remember the Mother’s Day that quickly followed being particularly hurtful. It was a day that reminded me how I didn’t have a baby, and everything I saw screamed at me that “I wasn’t a mother”. Now that I am on the other side of that grief, I can understand what a lie that is. I am so sad that the greeting card industry hasn’t crafted a card to support the forgotten mothers on Mother’s Day. I think it's because we were meant to fill that void. I took so much time with this one—even the imagery has vast amounts of symbolism. Palm leaves signify victory, triumph, peace and eternal life, all of which are incredibly important to remember as a loss-mom. In Christianity, they are associated with Palm Sunday and waved at the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and have since represented the victory of martyrs. Even in Islam, palm leaves are a symbol of paradise and they felt like a great visual to support our message. Gift this to any loss-Mama for Mother's Day. She deserves to be celebrated. And she will be so appreciative that you remembered.


Our “So Much More” Card

Infertility. It has become such a difficult word to hear in our culture. A word where people automatically judge you or offer their very-much unsolicited advice. And infertility effects 1 in every 8 couples. I see you Mama, struggling on your journey to baby and my heart goes out to you. We had difficulties getting pregnant and although we didn’t walk down the road of IVF or IUI, I have plenty of friends and family who have. I can understand how difficult that path is and all I ever wanted to do was offer support. I specifically remember a close friend mentioning to me that she felt like she lost herself during her infertility journey. She forgot who she was, because all of her thoughts, actions, and everything she was doing on a daily basis was being consumed with trying to get pregnant. I didn’t know how to comfort her then, and how I wish I could go back in time and gift her this card. For the Mama that is SO MUCH MORE than all of that. Your infertility doesn’t define you, or your life. It doesn’t make you any less of a mother, and certainly doesn’t define your womanhood. She is enough. YOU are enough. There can be hope in this journey.

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So there they are! Our next line of Noble Greetings. I've never been so nervous for a card launch before and I'm really hoping you guys love them. There is so much vulnerability, truth, and honesty that goes into creating these. They are a piece of my heart, out there on the internets. As always, our prayer for these remains the same: to provide joy and hope to those with a Mama's heart, walking the journey to baby. You are seen. You are heard. And you are so incredibly important. 

As always, PLEASE! Feel free to share these cards with family, friends, and Mamas you know! Or if you feel called to share your own story with me, you can always leave a comment below, or contact us. My promise is that I will personally read each and every one of your comments and messages. And last but not least, I’ll end with the same sentiment I use on all of our New Launch posts. If you’re in the midst of a miscarriage, a season of infertility or loss, your own NICU story, or if you are just deep in the trenches of your own personal journey to baby, I’ll leave you with this:

Don't worry. God is never blind to your tears, never deaf to your prayers, and never silent to your pain.  "Be patient. He isn't finished with you yet." - Philippians 1.6