This set of Noble Greetings has been in the works for months. Between a really big move and just life happening, we have been busy around these parts. This specific launch has taken a little longer than normal to get out the doors. But they’re finally here and ready for the world.

I created our first set of Noble Greetings because I felt a need to process the grief of our miscarriage through art and design (I talk about that more here), and I wanted to help other Miscarried Mamas along the way.

Since then, I’ve realized that the group of women we’re supporting is much larger than I had initially anticipated. This incredible group encompasses Miscarried Mamas, still-birth Mamas, pregnancy and infant-loss Mamas, Mamas walking through infertility or adoption, Mamas experiencing pregnancy issues, and even Mamas and families walking through a NICU journey. The point is, there are so many different types of women that desperately need a bit of hope and joy added to their lives. And I’m honored that The Noble Paperie can be a part of that.

These new Noble Greetings are also meant to appeal to that wider range of women. We are finally including a couple of adoption cards. In our family, we have a couple of people who have walked through adoption, and know it was a long and painstaking journey for all involved. We are thrilled to be finally offering some Noble Greetings to support families during this process.

We’ve also included a new Mother’s Day card, a Father’s Day card for loss-dads, as well as supportive cards for mamas walking through any part of the motherhood journey. Of course with this launch, these cards still hold our core values at heart: spreading joy to those struggling through miscarriage, infertility, and pregnancy-related issues.

So here they are, and I’m proud to share with you our final set of Noble Greetings for 2018:

Our “Always and Forever Day” Card

For our first adoption card, I wanted to design something gender-neutral, whimsical, and unique—like each adoption journey itself. The front of the card uses a paint brush stroke to really signify the individual journey each family goes through to bring their new babe (or babes!) home and into their life.



Our “DNA” Card

For our second adoption card, I went with a more scientific-artistic approach to match the messaging. A painted DNA strand in magentas and purples surround the messaging that DNA is not needed in order to adopt. The back of the card also contains an artistic rendering of genetic testing to further highlight the message. We’re hoping this card brings joy to parents going through the adoption process.

Our “Every Father’s Day” Card

We have had so many requests for a Father’s Day card for loss-dads. We’re hoping that this card will be applicable to so many loss-dads out there, and will provide additional love to the mamas out there looking for ways to support these dads on Father’s Day.



Our “Happiest Mother’s Day” Card

Sometimes the walk to motherhood is a long journey that can take years before there is a babe around. When Mother’s Day can be such a difficult day for so many women, we wanted a card that celebrates the first joyous Mother’s Day after all of the waiting. Celebrate that mama in wait with this Mother’s Day card!

Our “Forever Their Mother” Card

It’s been a launch or two since we’ve offered a new card for loss-mamas. Here is our most recent card for any mama who has lost a child. Whether that loss occurred at 8 weeks, or 38, it’s important to remember that all losses are equally difficult and cause massive amounts of grief. Support the loss-mama in your life with this Noble Greeting.



Our “Oh Mama” Card

Oh, my heart. This card has been in my creative headspace for a long while. I wanted a card that spoke to so many different parts of the motherhood journey. Now that I’ve been through a difficult pregnancy, and am on the other side with an unruly toddler, there are times where I definitely struggle and can so feel alone, despite a 2.5-year-old hooligan running around and wreaking havoc. Whether it’s a season of loss, a difficult pregnancy, infertility, or just a tough couple of months with a newborn...or even a toddler for that matter, send the mama in your life a little extra dose of support, when she's in a time of need. We are all in this together, and sending love and support can really help!

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So there they are! Our next line of Noble Greetings. I guess it’s par for the course now to be nervous for every card launch. I'm really hoping you guys love them, as there is so much vulnerability, truth, and honesty that goes into creating each and every one of these. They are a piece of my heart, out there on the interwebs. As always, our prayer for these remains the same: to provide joy and hope to those with a Mama's heart, walking the journey to baby. You are seen. You are heard. And you are so incredibly important. 

As always, PLEASE! Feel free to share these cards with family, friends, and Mamas you know! Or if you feel called to share your own story with me, you can always leave a comment below, or contact us. My promise is that I will personally read each and every one of your comments and messages. And last but not least, I’ll end with the same sentiment I use on all of our New Launch posts. If you’re in the midst of a miscarriage, a season of infertility or loss, your own NICU story, or if you are just deep in the trenches of your own personal journey to baby, I’ll leave you with this:

Don't worry. God is never blind to your tears, never deaf to your prayers, and never silent to your pain.  "Be patient. He isn't finished with you yet." - Philippians 1.6