Why, hello there! It's me! It's me! I'm back already.

Can we just take a quick minute for an imaginary collective high-five right now since I'm actually on top of my 'ish and managed to get a blog post up ON TIME? (Something I've only tried to get on a schedule for like...the past five years. Who knew it would only take having a small child to finally get my crap together?!) WAHOO!

I've finally managed to update our PRESS + PRAISE portion of the site. You will see the October 2015 publication The Noble Paperie participated in, for Exquisite Weddings. I know what you're thinking... October 2015? That L I T E R A L L Y was like a year and a half ago. And Yes! It was! But when the magazine came out, I was on my first bout of in-hospital bed rest (which ended with more bed rest...and then even more bed rest, and finally a little bebé boy, which you can read all about HERE). So I know, I know, it's like two years old. But look: The Noble Paperie made its first publication!

And where I am proud of what we produced for Exquisite Weddings, I am more proud of the article our family was featured in for Ranch + Coast magazine. I've talked a lot about our son, our exceptional experience with Sharp and the Mary Birch hospital, but I haven't mentioned the support we received from Miracle Babies. 

During my 40 days of bedrest at Mary Birch I got to know Veronica, my social worker. She stopped by frequently to check on me, and to help answer any questions I had with everything that was going on (oh you know, just my job status, disability, our impending NICU stay, my "scheduled" c-section, oh and that small mandatory task of finding a pediatrician... when I'm not allowed to leave my hospital room).

The best part about my social worker wasn't that she could answer all of these questions for me; it was that she was a Perinatal Special Care Unit (PSCU) and NICU survivor as well. She delivered two twins very early and spent time on bedrest at Mary Birch and months with them in the NICU as well. So not only did she have the background of being a social worker; she also had an added "bonus" of experiencing my exact situation herself, with TWO of her own children. Veronica spent countless hours with me, walking through her experience and also providing valuable information and resources that I would have never known were available to myself and our family. One of those resources she introduced me to, was Miracle Babies. 

Miracle Babies is a nonprofit that was founded to support NICU families. Their mission is to unite families with their sick newborns through financial assistance and supportive services and to reduce pregnancy complications through prevention, education and research on a national level. I also want to mention that Dr. Sean Daneshmand, the same perinatologist who diagnosed us on our first few days back in hospital, is the founder of this incredible organization!

Miracle Babies provided support and financial assistance to us during the 5 long weeks we spent in NICU with our son. To say we are indebted to them, feels like an understatement. Our family was gifted some financial support from the non-profit during our NICU stay, which helped pay for gas and food while we drove to and from the hospital multiple times a day. We feel so fortunate to have been a part of the Miracle Babies family, and immediately felt the need to give back. 

It was God's timing that the Miracle Babies 5k was scheduled a couple of months after our discharge. We fundraised for the cause, and I am proud to say that together, our family and friends raised over double the amount that we were gifted during our own NICU stay! It was an incredible day, and so good to be reunited with so many from our Sharp Mary Birch and Miracle Babies family.

Even after the 5k, I still just didn't feel we had done enough. I reached out and got in contact with Rita, Development Director for Miracle Babies. We agreed The Noble Paperie got would donate some of the creative behind the upcoming Miracle Babies Gala (more to come on that later), but as an additional lead up, Rita also thought our family's story would be a perfect fit to bring awareness to the Gala, and the Miracle Babies charity itself. I still can't believe this happened, but we were featured in October 2016 issue of Ranch + Coast magazine! 


We had so many difficult obstacles to overcome in 2016, and I think it's important to take a look back at some of the positives that came out of it all. Even now, I'm still pinching myself that our family was chosen to represent Miracle Babies.

Do You Feel Inspired?

There are so many ways you can help! Miracle Babies is hosting another 5k in May of 2017. You can Sign-up here, or reach out to our family directly, as we plan to participate again this year with donations, but also as a team to walk. You can also Donate to Miracle Babies via their website, or even do something as simple as shopping with Amazon Smile in their name, which makes a donation to the charity for every purchase you make through Amazon. 

The NICU experience is tough. But Miracle Babies makes the journey just a little bit easier. Their support definitely helped us to see our son every day, and they make it easier for thousands of other families to do the same! I feel lucky to have been a part of their organization, and want to give back to them in as many ways as I can. That's why a portion of all sales of our Noble Greetings are also donated directly to Miracle Babies at the end of every year. So head on over to our shop, and know that your purchase impacts and supports families with infants fighting to come home from NICU!