I feel like this happens every six months or so. I get the itch to revamp our website, branding, or something else design-wise (I just can't help myself, as it's literally my job). And while that bug bit me again a few weeks ago, there is a definite method behind the madness this time. 

Big, big things are in the works for The Noble Paperie. BIG I tell you! BIGLY!

A slightly re-vamped site for The Noble Paperie is the first big thing. It's taken awhile to get it all together, but it's ready! Not only am I super proud of all the hard work that went in to making it look all shiny, sparkly, and new; but for the first time in the life of this business, I am finally happy with our messaging, positioning, and mission statement. It's taken awhile to figure out who The Noble Paperie actually is as a business, but here 'tis:

The Noble Paperie is a greeting card company that spreads joy and hope to those struggling through miscarriage, infertility, and pregnancy-related issues.

And my goodness, does it feel good to say that - to type that - to finally understand where we stand in the vast expanse of greeting card companies.

More big things? New features are coming to our Press + Praise section! Along with this newfound understanding of who we are as a company, has been the realization of needing to give back to the community of mamas so deeply affected by their journey to baby. So I'm giving back by sharing our story, both of our miscarriage, but also of the difficult pregnancy with Sebastian. It's so important to me to send lovely, hope-filled sentiments with our Noble Greetings. But it's also important to tell our story, of where we came from and how we got here. It's ours for a reason, and I feel compelled to share it with the world. 

And speaking of our Noble Greetings, there is news in the works there too. You might have seen that we have launched to the wholesale market. I'm realizing this may have been a little preemptive, as we currently only have 6 cards on offer... and I just read somewhere that you're supposed to have upwards of 48 before launching wholesale... *WHOOPSIEZ*, but I also felt like this was a move The Noble Paperie needed to make. 

Our cards are unique. I know, I know; I'm sure every greeting card company says that. But ours really are! They are so niche that I actually don't think brick and mortars are going to be the only avenue where our cards find a home. There's a place for them in hospitals, in clinics, with advocacy groups, and other like-minded charities. Call me crazy, but I really think these are the places where our Noble Greetings also deserve to have a home. So it may be early, and it could very possibly be the wrong move at this point in time, but I am proud to offer wholesale and advocacy accounts to qualifying companies, stockists, hospitals, and clinics! Think you may qualify? Head on over to our wholesale page and apply.

And our biggest, most exciting news yet? New products! New products are coming! I'm elated to announce I'm working on 7 new greeting cards which will launch in the next few months. You guys. I am so incredibly pumped about them! So you better get at us on Instagram for sneak peeks, people! 

Go ahead. Explore. Have a look around. Leave a comment or drop us a line and tell us what you think! I'm really proud of where we are. But more importantly, I'm excited for where The Noble Paperie is headed.