Gifts + Mementos

The following are our favorite links for gifts and mementos to support loss-mamas and mamas in waiting. Whether you're a loss-mama yourself looking for a special item of remembrance, or a friend or family member looking to send comfort their way, we are hoping the options below will help you spread love during a time when they are most in need of your support. 


Supportive Greeting Cards

Conceivable Designs
Infertility Support Greeting + Milestone Cards

After four years of fertility treatments and being told she would never have any children without the assistance of an egg donor, Sue of Conceivable Designs felt deeply indebted to the doctors and staff who helped her have her miracle baby. In her spare time, Sue creates Infertility Support Greeting Cards. These Infertility Cards were her creative outlet to help heal after a long, wonky and ultimately failed frozen embryo cycle. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to express your sentiments to couples who are braving the world of fertility treatment. These cards will help show your family member or friend that you are here to support their journey.  

Greeting Cards, Prints and Apparel to Support Women Through Miscarriage

In 2015, Dr. Zucker created a line of pregnancy loss cards with the aim of filling a gaping hole in the cultural conversation and in the marketplace. Jessica's goal with this collection is to help people have the tools to connect after loss, providing the antidote to "I just don't know what to say".

The Noble Paperie
Paper Goods to Support Mamas Walking Through Miscarriage, Infertility, and Other Pregnancy-related Issues

After walking through a miscarriage, and then an incredibly complicated pregnancy, Kate created her first six greeting cards to support loss mamas and The Noble Paperie was born. Since 2016, The Noble Paperie’s mission has been to support women walking through miscarriage, infertility, and other pregnancy-related issues by offering uniquely crafted paper greetings, and a supportive community.

With Love, Genesis & Joy
A Ministry Sending Free Greeting Cards to Women Who Have Suffered Loss, and to Honor Their Babies

After experiencing a miscarriage herself in 2015, Krystal founded her ministry With Love, Genesis & Joy. Named after her two babies - one in heaven and one on earth - Krystal set out with a simple idea in mind: to reach loss moms through handwritten cards. All cards are specifically written just for the recipient, using a variety of cards, but they are always handmade, hand-painted, or hand-lettered in order to stay true to what this ministry is about. Her core belief is highlighted so beautifully in her ministry: "From one loss mom to another: the number of physical babies you have doesn't make you a mom; it's the number of babies you hold in your heart."


Keepsakes + Art

A Thread Runs Thru It
Custom, Handmade, Keepsakes and Memorial Gifts

Sarah began sculpting remembrance keepsakes and memorial ornaments after the loss of her son Logan Forrest. She now sculpts ornaments for grieving parents around the world who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, neonatal loss, pregnancy loss and infant loss. Sarah says that creating these keepsakes for other loss-mamas has helped her to heal from her own loss. 

A Beautiful Remembrance
Thoughtful, Comforting Gifts for Those Grieving the Loss of a Child Through Death, Stillbirth, and Miscarriage

It is A Beautiful Remembrance provides a beautiful selection of thoughtful gifts that encourage, provide hope, and offer comfort to those grieving the loss of their little ones. They are honored to be entrusted with creating art that represents every member of the family, including those that have passed on. 

Joy Comes In The Morning: Coloring Through Infant Loss & Miscarriage
A Coloring Book for Women Experiencing Miscarriage, Still Birth, or Infant Loss

If you have experienced a miscarriage, still birth, or infant loss— this coloring book is for you! It also makes a thoughtful gift for a friend going through the devastating loss of a baby. It is a beautiful collection of over 25 inspiring pages designed by artists from Alaska to Hawaii, from East Coast to West! The pages include a variety of styles, ink drawings, and digital creations. Many of the artists have experienced miscarriage or infant loss, and on the back of each page they share encouragement for the grieving heart. It's also available on Amazon Prime!


Little Oak Studio
Refreshingly Simple Watercolor Prints

Bethany of Little Oak Studio creates custom watercolors, and hosts a beautiful collection of prints available on her Etsy shop—many of which are applicable for loss-mamas. Pick a print available in her shop, or contact her for a custom order. Bethany is inspired by the mountains, plants and animals, and all things vintage and retro. She works hard to bring hers and her customers' ideas to life in a realistic, detailed way. 

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Remembrance Photography

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep trains, educates, and mobilizes professional quality photographers to provide beautiful heirloom portraits to families facing the untimely death of an infant. They believe these images serve as an important step in the family's healing process by honoring the child's legacy: that in the midst of barrenness and grief Jesus was their constant comfort. They have gifted more than 40,000 complementary portrait sessions since 2005 and have approximately 1,500 active photographers, reaching every state in the United States! They have also been present in 40 countries worldwide. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep also host a Remembrance Walk to remember and honor babies gone too soon, and to raise awareness of pregnancy and infant loss.


Weathered Raindrop
Wind Chimes Providing Comfort Through The Storm

Weathered Raindrop creates beautiful, handmade memorial wind chimes, and many are created specifically for mamas walking through miscarriage or stillbirth. A wind chime would be a unique gift to offer the special loss-mama in your life, and to give her an audible reminder that her babe is always with her.


Curated Gift Boxes

Hope Box
Monthly Curated Subscription Boxes

Over one, six, twelve, or more months, Hopebox provides a way to show loved ones you're there and you're not going anywhere. The beautiful handmade gifts inside are personalized with a heartfelt note of caring and concern specific to the receiver's unique situation. Flowers wither, meals spoil, but the memory of receiving a Hopebox lasts a lifetime. 

Laurel Box
Thoughtfully Hand-Curated Small Batch Gift Boxes Designed to Nourish a Heart After Loss.

Each and every laurelbox is presented with their premium packaging and personal touches. During checkout, you have the option to include a gift message that they will hand-write on your choice of a complimentary card.  Not sure what to say in your card?  These two phrases are gentle and sensitive. "We pray that this gift nourishes your heart.  I am so sorry for your loss." They also have a beautifully curated blog called Motherhood Rewritten which shares stories to support women feeling excluded on Mother’s Day. 

Lemons & Confetti
Gift Boxes for Women Going Through Tough Stuff

Lemons and Confetti was formed with a simple goal in mind: to create meaningful and desirable gifts for women who are going through tough stuff. Their carefully thought-out gift themes are designed to meet a variety of needs. Lemons and Confetti also buys locally (woot!) and from other female-owned businesses as often as possible (double-woot!). Gift themes are revolving, but they will always offer empathy focused boxes as well as celebratory themes. 

Lullaby of Hope
Curated Gift Boxes for Women Journeying Through Infertility, Pregnancy, or Infant Loss

Lullaby of Hope believes that in the midst of barrenness and grief Jesus is a woman's constant comfort. They are choosing to share what they have been given through, with their comforting, curated gift boxes. Their hope is to point women to Jesus and empower them to share their story too.



The Milky Mudra
Keepsake Jewelry

The Milky Mudra is based on a concept of creating a gesture of remembrance, using your very own breast milk, preserving it and setting it in resin. Because they never use any additives or coloring, the stone that is created is purely your own milk, preserved perfectly to hold onto the memories that fade with life's journeys. Each piece is created with love and attention to detail. The Milky Mudra works to empower women and children to be proud of who they are and how they got there by remembering each step along the way. These are truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that will honor any loss-mama and babe in the most unique way.


Dear Mushka,
Keepsake Jewelry

Each Dear Mushka, piece is inspired by scripture and comes paired with a corresponding verse card. They recommend saving the verse card and adding it to a bathroom mirror, kitchen sink, or computer and letting the words sink into the recipients heart. Dear Mushka, has pieces developed specifically for miscarried mamas and loss mamas in their shop, each paired with an uplifting verse.


Le Papier Studio
Heirloom Jewelry

Le Papier Studio has been helping parents keep memories close since 2008. Their products celebrate moments by turning them into heirlooms to be cherished and passed down to the next generation. Their mission is to inspire women to keep memories close and cherish the magic of special moments forever. From treasured pictures, Le Papier Studio create one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces: silhouette portraits and exquisite jewelry, and perfectly personal accessories destined to become family heirlooms and passed down to the next generation.

Sharing Solace
Keepsake Jewelry and Grief Community

Sharing Solace is a community of grievers for grievers. They know how debilitating and isolating grief can be, and want to help people find the meaning and strength to get through the difficulties of life. Sharing Solace is here to help you walk along your unique grief path, by providing a community of grievers and also offering unique keepsake tokens to support women walking through loss.